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Are you ready to replace your old

business cards with a cosplay card

that will actually be something that customers will likely want to keep,

and that can also help you earn

a profit??? Then please read more!

Here are some ways that Constar

Cards can help both cosplayers

and cosplay photographers while

they are at conventions and even

when they are not attending cons!

  • They are great for including in your giveaways or to your supporters

  • Our Cards can be resold individually (Suggested retail when signed $10-$15 each)

  • Your links appear larger and that can increase the chance of customers visiting your website or following you on social media

  • Our Cards can be resold individually (Suggested retail when signed $10-$15 each)

  • You'll get 10 random cards in every order to Collect or trade (optional)

  • Earn more w/ Our Affiliate Program (Earn $5 - $10 each time you refer someone ($50 Payment Threshold via check or Paypal)

  • Theme packs will be available to order soon! (Discover New cosplayers & Photographers)

Example Card



CosplayZine would like welcome and thank koneko.sensei

for joining us and all her support with Constar Cosplay Cards! 

*We are currently accepting new referral members. The membership includes 100 custom cosplay cards with your two photos printed on the front and additional information on the back as seen above.


Please submit portrait or squared cards for the front, if you would like a landscape photo on the back, you are welcome to include one as well. You must download our the photography release document below before completing the order form for  your custom Constar Cards.


If you currently cannot order our cards for any reason, please fill our the release and send it to our email at with subject line "Constar Cards" and your cosplay photos will be reviewed to be included in our cosplay collector card series. Once approved, we will really

But again, if you would like to take full advantage of our affiliate program, simply fill out the order form below. Members of our affiliate program will be eligible to win 5,000 dollars worth of cosplay and nerd merch and you may qualify for promotion on our new app coming soon to the Google Play store. Also don't forget to invite your friends to join our new group on facebook at 


Step 1. Please download, read then sign our photography release agreement here ->>>

Step 2. Fill out our form below to get your

Constar Cards (photos must be approved

and be high res/1500x1000 mb or higher)

Step 3. Please allow 48-72 hours for review

proccess on normal business days after submitting.

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