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    • Just a little Harry Potter themed photo taken by me.

    • Hope everyone has had a great week!
      Any plans this weekend? Cosplay? Conventions? Events?

    • Evil Dead themed shoot with cosplayer @MacheteMike. Mike tells me he was called out by Bruce Cambell at a Comic Con as his favorite Ash lookalike and I can see why. He was fantastic getting into character and braving the cold up on the mountain at night.

    • Trying this out~ — created in Adobe After Effects

    • I just made a major transition that will affect my way as a photographer:
      I now have the Adobe All Apps Subscription Plan!

      I now have access to all of Adobe’s software in their creative suite! 😀

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    • In 2009, I started my first ever project into making a generic Indiana Jones costume. Now, back then, gear was still very expensive for the good quality and screen accurate gear. In this instance the Indy Mark 1 was made from mostly milsurp gear.

      Hat: Dorfman
      shirt: Milsurp
      pants: milsurp
      jacket: ebay purchase
      weapons belt: early attempt…Read More

    • Just a little MJ Spiderman to start the day. Model: Vhenix Cosplay.

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