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    • A little Overwatch cosplay with model Kassy

    • Working on editing a great Lillith from Borderlands. Shot this with a friend cosplayer before Christmas.

    • Storm Trooper spotted at the beach this new years day.

    • Recent Shoot with @thevhenix as Yennefer from The Witcher video game series

    • Having fun trying to put together a set of “Before/After” images for retouching purposes.
      Always fun to figure this kind of stuff out lolz

    • Just a little Harry Potter themed photo taken by me.

    • Hope everyone has had a great week!
      Any plans this weekend? Cosplay? Conventions? Events?

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    This is me and my husband as SasuSaku

    Me and my husband are a pro cosplay couple. We cosplay many popular ships . We have won many rewards for our pro and cosplay building skills. We also travel to many Cons as guest so we can meet our Fans.


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