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  • My armored Deku cosplay.

    Deku: @HoptownSpidey
    Photographer: KickassDesigns (on Instagram)

  • HUGE fan of Spider-Man 2099, and here’s one of my favorite shots from a shoot a few weeks ago.

    Spider-Man 2099: @hoptownspidey
    Photographer: @hudsonmichaelsphotography (Instagram)

  • Debuted my Spider-Man 2099 last weekend for RenCon’s “Kick Off the Cons”, and here’s one of the first photos I got back from a few shoots I was in.

    Spider-Man 2099: @hoptownspidey
    Photographer: @fuelthedreamphotography (Instagram)

  • At the Freeway Park in Seattle, WA.

    Spider-Man: @hoptownspidey
    Photographer: @eric_manix_photography (Instagram)

  • “Thwipping” around last weekend in downtown Seattle.

    Spider-Man: @hoptownspidey
    Photographer: @void1photography (Instagram)

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