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  • It’s been a while since I’ve posted here on this blog. Figured I’d get back to it.

    I am about to start getting to work on my ‘big project’ for the year! I’m pretty excited all around, as this will likely be one of my more challenging builds to date!

    one thing that I know that I need to work on is my sewing skills. I’d really like to perfect…Read More

  • This year for me as a Cosplayer has been one of the best years I’ve had in a very long time. I went to so many fun events, across two Provinces and feel as though I have not only learned a lot about my craft, and have made so many friends in sharing this amazing hobby. So for that, There are so many people that I want to thank: Firstly, my f…Read More

  • Hello Cosplayzine.

    So, this is my first post on this sight, I have absolutely no idea if or when this social platform will gain traction, but figured I’d make a profile regardless.

    Anyways, Figured I’d let people know who I am! I am a cosplayer, and have been doing so since 2014, primarilly working with EVA foam as my perfered building…Read More

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