Thursday, May 23, 2019

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  • It’s been a while since I’ve posted here on this blog. Figured I’d get back to it.

    I am about to start getting to work on my ‘big project’ for the year! I’m pretty excited all around, as this will likely be one of my more challenging builds to date!

    one thing that I know that I need to work on is my sewing skills. I’d really like to perfect…Read More

  • My armored Deku cosplay.

    Deku: @HoptownSpidey
    Photographer: KickassDesigns (on Instagram)

  • HUGE fan of Spider-Man 2099, and here’s one of my favorite shots from a shoot a few weeks ago.

    Spider-Man 2099: @hoptownspidey
    Photographer: @hudsonmichaelsphotography (Instagram)

  • Debuted my Spider-Man 2099 last weekend for RenCon’s “Kick Off the Cons”, and here’s one of the first photos I got back from a few shoots I was in.

    Spider-Man 2099: @hoptownspidey
    Photographer: @fuelthedreamphotography (Instagram)

  • At the Freeway Park in Seattle, WA.

    Spider-Man: @hoptownspidey
    Photographer: @eric_manix_photography (Instagram)

  • “Thwipping” around last weekend in downtown Seattle.

    Spider-Man: @hoptownspidey
    Photographer: @void1photography (Instagram)

  • My Cosplay vs. Character. Left is me in my Spider-Man PS4 Advanced suit and the right is a screenshot from the game. Faceshell and lenses made by me.

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