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  • I guess calling this social media is an attempt to bring like minded people together. It will be awhile before it becomes big enough. I do feel that this is a beginning for a good community.

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    • Hi! We do very much feel like bringing people together was the original point of social media but we also feel that social media corperations have only become sort of a “share fest” in which people tend to “troll” to pass the time more than they use it to connect to each other. It seems their focus is not what will help the end user connect with…Read More

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About me

Unlimited Crossroads


Everyone is a crossroad, together we are unlimited. With each person you meet, each experience you have your crossroads expand outwards - unlimitedly. Unlimited Crossroads is me, it’s you, it’s the paths we follow in our life. It’s a collaboration of both the model and the photographer, without one there is no artistic creation. My goal in photography is to always challenge myself, to improve and elevate my craft and art. With my crossroads I plan to do exactly that and even more for myself, and for every one of Unlimited Crossroads.

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