Friday, February 28, 2020
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    1 year, 2 months ago
    I guess calling this social media is an attempt to bring like minded people together. It will be awhile before it becomes big enough. I do feel that this is a beginning for a good community.
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    • Hi! We do very much feel like bringing people together was the original point of social media but we also feel that social media corperations have only become sort of a “share fest” in which people tend to “troll” to pass the time more than they use it to connect to each other. It seems their focus is not what will help the end user connect with friends socially but more of what will keep them addicted to viewing and keep them on long enough to profit the most at any given time. I’ve often seen family and friends close the chatroom portion of facebook because they don’t want to be disturbed while viewing funny posts to which they don’t even realize the origin of. “Hi, brb…” was the response and generation of chating in places such as , “yahoo! chat rooms” “excite chat” (my personal favorite) in the days of and Ahh the excitement and agony of waiting for the dial up sound to stop lol

      They really have taken the social aspect out of it in many ways. Sure they implenment new features all the time, but for us small busineses, they are sort of uneventful tools really. A good example of this is the milestone posts. (it used to be our most effective way to reach our followers with new info)

      We feel like this is more of a support system and community with social media features. Any system is only as positive or negative as the one’s managing it. The new algythims placed by fb/instagram (same owner) were changed to make small businesses pay for views, likes , shares and the introduction of the bell/notifications requirement to be turned on makes all the followers gained before the feature no longer an audience for our content.

      So rather than basically purchase an ad from social media sites (basically purchasing attention to our product or page that might only help the status numbers but not result in sales rev.) We’d much rather go back to the basics and build a better “myspace” for cosplay in a way. Offering a platform for others is the core of what a magazine is suppose to be about so you could say that this is a community but also digital platform for those who audience have been muted and want to support cosplayers and grow their current convention/nerdy related business or social pages.

      At the time of writing this it has only been about five days and there are a little over 70 users so far. We are only currently in the open developement stages and still adding/removing features where needed. A giveaway/raffle program and a few contests will be starting soon that will really be instrumental in helping grow our community while giving back to the members who support it.

      Thank you for all of your support and thoughts and we look forward to seeing your latest projects!

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