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    • ” Theres someone you love Right? And that person youre thinking you want to see them, Right? I get it, Im a girl after all.” Toga Himiko BNHA

    • ” Since you’re all nothing but garbage, The Least you could do is become my kindling and burn to ash.” Dabi from BNHA

    • ” Seeing you in the Flesh, You look creepy as Hell.” Dabi from BNHA

    • One of my favorite Lightning Prints.

    • ” Walk Tall My Son.” – King Regis

    • You cannnot protect two things at the same time, Noct. If you dont make a decision you will lose both.”

    • ” When the world falls down around you, and Hope is lost, when you find yourself alone, amid a lightless place, Look to the distance. Know that I am there and that I watch over you always.” Lunafreya Nox Fleuret

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    This is me and my husband as SasuSaku

    Me and my husband are a pro cosplay couple. We cosplay many popular ships . We have won many rewards for our pro and cosplay building skills. We also travel to many Cons as guest so we can meet our Fans.


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