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 Our Submission Guidelines



1. Please provide names of all characters. (We don’t always know your characters)

2. The name the cosplayer wants printed in the magazine. (your cosplay name or your real name)

3. Written/Digital permissions from each photographer via social media screen shot or photography release to submit photos to Cosplayzine for print or online publishing. (release forms should not contain restrictions for publishing)

4. The links of the cosplayers in the photo and/or photographer. (Limit 2 links per person/business)

5.  You can submit 1 - 6 photos. We need high resolution digital photographs in order to print Best Quality.
     The minimum size we accept is 640x96 (mouse over or right click to properties to check size).

     (Do not attempt to enlarge photo size as this reduces quality)
     The maximum size should be limited to
25MB per file on our form below or you are welcome to send your submission (please include all credits, links and character names) via
Dropbox to

     (remember,extremely large files are harder to transport)
     Scanned photos need to be scanned at 300dpi for print quality when possible.
     Photos cannot be considered for half or full page unless the dimensions allow quality printing. 


*We do not accept nude, obscene, or discriminatory photographs.
   Final decision for submissions is sole discretion of the editors.

*You can also submit by including via our Dropbox or ask your photographer to reduce the photo sizes to 5 mg or under. If you plan to use both our submission form and dropbox, please make a note of that in your submission. Go to to get use the app to send larger file sizes.

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